Technology in Health Care

Technology in Health Care

Since its founding, Dimagi has been focused on improving people's lives through the health sector and that has remained our primary goal.

While we focus on projects that span across industries and technologies, we have always been the most passionate about health care. At Dimagi, we understand the medicine behind health informatics. All of our MDs and technical staff have worked in both the developing and developed worlds, with experience in rural, urban, and tertiary settings in the US, Africa and Asia.

Dimagi provides specialized health care informatics consulting services to commercial, academic and government organizations worldwide. Our expertise includes:

Understanding of health care provider domain

  • Clinical, financial, and billing data
  • Electronic medical records and decision support
  • Requirements and feasibility analysis in clinical settings
  • Years of experience designing front ends for both low resource and high end customers

Experience with health care data standards

  • Security and Privacy (HIPAA)
  • Controlled vocabularies (SNOMED, ICD, CPT)
  • Health Information Exchanges (HIE)

Experience with advanced medical informatics

  • Medical artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Data visualization and modeling
  • Bioinformatics
  • Imaging and Radiology