Professional Certification

Our certification program offers rigorous preparation & testing - enabling professionals to demonstrate CommCare proficiency.

About Professional Certification

For people who demonstrate a high level of competency in CommCare, the CommCare Certification validates and recognizes your competence to perform in a CommCare practice area. Dimagi currently offers certification in CommCare Application Building and CommCare Technical Support, and soon we will offer CommCare Project Coordination. Have experience in any of these areas? Become CommCare certified today, and join a community of CommCare practitioners! 

Step #1: Pick a practice area

Dimagi offers Certification in two practice areas. You can pursue Certification in one or both!

Step #2: Learn the material

Gain the knowledge and skills to be certified in a practice area – choose the learning path that works for you:

  • Study and practice on your own – use our online Study Guides to understand which skills you need and to access links to learning resources throughout our Help Site.
  • Take a course on Dimagi Academy – full courses, like Application Building, provide a guided learning experience; while study guides and tests, such as Technical Support and Project Coordination, enable you to structure independent study and test your understanding.
  • Participate in a Dimagi implementation service with in-person or remote training by Dimagi staff.

Step #3: Put your knowledge to the test

When you’re ready, apply to take the Capstone Exercise – a culminating assessment to measure your ability to apply the knowledge and skills you’ve gained in your chosen practice area. For more information on the Capstone, click here. To apply, check out the “Apply Today!” box on the right.

Step #4: Passed? You’re now CommCare Certified!

After passing the Capstone, you’ll be CommCare Certified! You’ll receive a certificate from Dimagi, join a community of certified members, and be able to add the credential to your resume!

Apply Today!

Starting the Certification process is easy. Simply submit a short application to request the Capstone Exercise. After receiving your request, Dimagi will confirm your eligibility and respond within 5 business days.

Apply to get certified in:

Have questions about becoming certified? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions site, or send your questions to academy@dimagi.com.

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