Care Coordination

A communications platform to make it easier to coordinate home-based health care.

CareHQ is a communications platform that Dimagi is developing to make it easier to coordinate home-based health care. The system is designed to help manage alerts, symptoms and handshakes of care and communication for patients being treated at home. It provides a centralized portal for trusted parties to be made aware of a patient’s state of care.

CareHQ is designed to work on standards that are based on HIE interoperability as a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to support integration with a range of end-user systems through well-defined and open interface standards. An HIE infrastructure based on SOA principles will support care coordination across provider organizations through CareHQ. Higher-level business process orchestration services that compose the underlying HIE infrastructure services (i.e. security, identity) and participating provider services (i.e. pharmacy, nursing care) are integrated through CareHQ the desired care coordination workflow.

The system integrates with a leading home-based health symptom management tool and is being tested at Boston Medical Center.

With CareHQ, the pillars of the platform are privacy, security, and efficacy of communication.

  • A patient retains control over privacy and security
  • A family member receives authorized alerts
  • A health care provider can perform handshakes to other providers and connect with patients

This project, previously named ASHand (Alerts, Symptoms, Handshakes) is being funded through an NIH SBIR contract with the National Cancer Institute.