Dimagi Career Opportunities

At Dimagi, we’re committed to achieving impact by creating great technology.

Solve problems around the world…

We develop cutting-edge software tailored for underserved communities, where literacy rates are low, electricity is sparse, and wifi is inexistent. Our end users are midwives in Afghanistan, farmers in rural India, and small business owners in the slums of Kenya. As a leader in the social enterprise community, we value impact over profit and are committed to improving our users’ day-to-day activities in over 40 countries.

…and have fun while doing it.

Our team’s happiness is just as important as the software we build. While all 100+ Dimagineers come from diverse backgrounds, we share a common passion for thinking deeply and sharing solutions. Employees are encouraged to experiment, work with different teams, or do something totally different during personal initiative days. Here, the “opportunity to travel” means four weeks in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda seeing CommCare in action. We encourage employees to work whenever and wherever they want, whether that’s from home or on a field site, and to suggest ways Dimagi can support them in pursuing outside interests.

The Perks of Working Here

Travel around the world: Our staff has travelled to 42 countries for work. Visit the 43rd.

Work anytime, anywhere: Work your own hours from anywhere, including any of our global offices.

Generous time off: 30 days of PTO, 10 personal initiative days (independent projects), & unlimited sick days.

Fulfilling work: Work directly with end users in some of the world’s most underserved communities.

Play with cool stuff: We purchase whatever technology you need to get your work done.

Prepare for retirement: Dimagi offers a 401k in the U.S., Employees’ Provident Fund in India, and a Retirement Fund in South Africa; all of our retirement benefits include company matching

Excellent health insurance: Outstanding medical plan, fully covered for you and your family

Great parental leave policy: 12 weeks of leave to primary caregivers, six weeks to non-primary givers

Employee stock options: You’ll have a stake in the future success of Dimagi.

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Open Positions

Senior Manager/ Director of People Ops (India)
Director/Manager of Government Programs (India)

Technical Project Manager (India)

Field Manager (India)
Technical Field Manager (India)
Senior Devops Engineer (India)
QA and Support Analyst (Cambridge, MA)
Technical Field Manager (Senegal)
Field Manager (Senegal)

Interested in working at Dimagi but we’re not hiring for the right position for you? Send us an email at jobs@dimagi.com with your resume and a note explaining what you think you could bring.

A Little Bit About Dimagi

Read about the two Dimagi away months to Brazil in 2012 and Guatemala in 2014.

At Dimagi, everyone travels to see our software in action. Read about what Dimagis bring in their field bags, or what our field managers do when they travel.

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